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Polythene tunnels provide an enhanced growing environment for fruit, vegetables and plants as well as extending the growing season
  Standard Polytunnels
10ft (3m)* wide Tunnels
14ft (4.3m)* wide Tunnels
16ft (4.88m)* wide Tunnels
18ft (5.4m)* wide Tunnels
21ft (6.4m)* wide Tunnels
24ft (7.2m)* wide Tunnels
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The 24ft (7.2m)* wide tunnels

Specifications - Standard

This style and size of tunnel, the 24ft (7.2m)* wide, provides greater flexibility for path layouts and cropping while the straight sides ensure maximum space utilisation. The 24ft (7.2m)* wide tunnel is ideal for housing livestock. Lengths are available to customer requirements.

 The 24ft (7.2m)* wide tunnels
 Galvanised steel framework  OD (Outside Diameter) 48.3mm
 Foundation Tubes  075m long, OD 48.3mm Swaged
 Kee Clamp Fittings  48.3mm Diameter Clamps
 Covers  UVI Clear Polythene, 4/5 Season, 200 micron
 2 No. Door frames  4" x 3" wood treated
 Hoop spacing  8' (2.4m)* apart
 End stabilisers at each corner  Kee Hole Clamps used for stabilisers

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more information

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