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Polythene tunnels provide an enhanced growing environment for fruit, vegetables and plants as well as extending the growing season
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21ft (6.4m)* wide Tunnels
24ft (7.2m)* wide Tunnels
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Polytunnel Accessories - Propagation
Grand Top Propagator
The Grand Top is a thermostatically controlled propagator with a generous 65 W heat output. This propagator has a digital thermostat for precise control between 0-40 degrees. It features a strong robust aluminium frame which is easily put together, and its generous size means that you can grow a wide range of seeds and cuttings.
Jumbo Propagator
The New Bio-Green Jumbo propagator now enables the more adventurous gardener to grow a wider range of seeds and cuttings all year round, thanks to its generous size - 60 cm x 130 cm. Hence it is called the Jumbo. The Jumbo is strong and sturdy, and is very well designed
Heating Cable
The Bio Green heating cable takes the heat just where you want it. It is particularly suitable for home-made propagators and seed-trays. The cable is very flexible and can easily be laid to suit your particular requirements.
The many different ways of laying and using it make the waterproof cable a universal heat source. 
Heating mats incl. precision Thermostat
The Bio Green heating mats are ready-to-use with a thermostatic temperature control in the range of 0-40C. They come in various standard sizes and can also be made to order. The heating mats are designed to produce a maximum soil temperature of 35C.
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more information

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