Plant Protection

Plant jackets, also known as frost or cold protection covers, are essential tools for safeguarding delicate plants against adverse weather conditions, particularly frost and cold snaps. These protective covers act as insulating barriers, trapping heat and creating a microclimate that shields plants from freezing temperatures, frost damage, and chilling winds.

Plant Jackets

  • Extra strong
  • Zipped side for easy access

Protect your precious plants from winter weather by simply pulling the specially designed Plant Jacket over your plant for ultimate protection. Even your hardy plants would approve of our new jacket. The Plant Jackets are manufactured from high quality, 70/100 gsm fleece, which means that plants will be protected from sub zero temperatures, strong winds, and will prevent plants from drying out. 

The fleece material is water and air permeable, therefore, your plants will get all the light and water they require. Available in three sizes XL, XXL and Jumbo. All types come with drawstring ends for simple, quick use.

Pot Jacket Thermoplus

Pot jackets offer a simple, easy and attractive solution for protecting root systems from low temperatures, and cold drying winds. Any pot up to Ø 65 cm is stood on the thick base of insulation Polystyrene, and the pot jacket is drawn snugly around it. Secure velcro fastenings hold the jacket in place, while a fast pull string holds it close to the base of the jacket.

  • Bubblewrap insulation & Velcro fasteners
  • 4cm Polystyrene Base with drainage holes
  • Drawstring Top
  • Patented product
  • Protects from frost & animals


  • Ready to use
  • Robust due to sturdy fleece material
  • Protects pot and plant from freezing
  • Including drainage
  • The rising ground frost is hindered by the frostdisk. In this way potted plants are save during a long period of frost.
  • Sturdy fleece material
  • Strong 4cm polystyrene core
  • Strong sewn edge
  • For all potted outdoor-plants

ThermoPlus Stem Protection

  • Protects from frost & animals
  • Bubble Wrap insulation
  • Velcro fasteners