Agricultural Polytunnels

Polythene Tunnels

Our Agricultural Polytunnels provide a bright, well ventilated environment for comfortable housing which increase food conversion rates. They are very popular for Sheep, calves, poultry, pigs and goats.

They can be used as a storage area for equipment, straw/hay and also a place to store sheep before clipping meaning that rain doesn’t stop play.


We offer three widths 5.5m, 7.2m and 9.0 metres in our Agricultural housing. 

They are made from 48.3mm steel with 2.5mm wall galvanized steel tube. We use two-piece hoops which are much stronger than 3 and 4 piece hoops.

We offer various cover options including Green 250 micron Polythene and white 180 micron. Our side netting allows great ventilation whilst also having an 8 Tonne Breaking strain which even the strongest sheep will not break through.


Each in-lamb ewe need 0.9m²-1.4m² of floor space depending on breed and also enough feeding space at troughs

Calves require 2 – 5m² depending on age but sizing needs to be done based on largest size.


Full set of instructions available. A full construction service is available, price depends on size and location