The frequency and amount of water required vary depending on factors such as plant species, environmental conditions, soil type, and stage of growth. Techniques such as deep watering, mulching, and watering at the base of plants help promote healthy root development and minimise water loss through evaporation.

4-way Brass Tap Connector

4-way brass tap manifold provides four outlets from one tap. All outlets have individual shut off valves for multiple hose connections. 3/4” connection.

Watering Spray Gun - Cast Aluminium

The heavy duty 4 in 1 spray gun has four interchangeable brass spray nozzles for numerous spray patterns.

Automatic Tap Timer

Easy to use. Automatic tap timer ideal for all your watering applications. Easy to set features 2 dials, and battery low indicator light. Translucent cover protects timer from extreme weather conditions.

Tricklematic™ Dripper System

Automatic tap timer, with translucent tamper-free cover.
Easy to set 2 dial operation for independent water frequency and run time

  • Time delay feature for delayed watering
  •  Low battery indicator light
  • No wiring required
  • Tap connection 3/4“
  • Kit includes everything for complete and neat installation
  • No extra tools needed
  • Ideal for use in greenhouses
  • Timer design may differ from that shown

Water wand

Makes light work of watering! Duo telescopic wand has a extendable arm of up to 162 cm, which makes this ideal for watering hanging baskets and reaching to the back of large borders. It also has a jet nozzle.

15m Hose Weeper

A Bio Green hose weeper is different from a normal garden hose in that you can’t connect a sprayer at the end of it and still have good water pressure. This is because the entire length of the hose is covered in thousands of tiny pores that allow water to pass through to allow a gentle watering as opposed to a regular hose